Asiatic Orange Lilies

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These long lasting, non-scented lilies will brighten any ones day, beautifully presented with two monstera leaves.



An Asiatic orange lily flower arrangement is a vibrant and enchanting choice. Long-lasting and non-scented, these lilies are perfect for brightening someone’s day and making a lasting impression.

Our Asiatic orange lilies are carefully handpicked and expertly arranged by our skilled florists, ensuring each bouquet showcases the natural beauty and captivating colour of these exquisite blooms. To enhance the allure of the Asiatic orange red lily, we present them alongside two graceful Monstera leaves, adding a touch of tropical flair and sophistication to the arrangement. The combination of the vibrant orange lillies and the lush greenery creates a visually appealing display that’s sure to captivate any recipient.

At The Big Bunch, we understand the importance of timely delivery. Whether you’re sending an orange lilly arrangement to a loved one, friend or colleague, our reliable delivery service will ensure that your gift arrives fresh and in perfect condition. Buy online today to organise delivery of our Asiatic red orange lily arrangement.

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