Bouquet In A Bag

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We are excited to bring to you our beautiful bags that we have sourced from europe. unique to the big bunch, our bags ensure your flowers will be standing in water, guaranteeing to keep them fresh upon arrival. this elegant presentation is sure to impress the most fastidious of recipients.



Introducing our exquisite bouquet in a bag – a stunning floral arrangement that will leave a lasting impression.

At The Big Bunch, we take pride in using the finest materials when we bag a bouquet. Our flower bags are imported all the way from Europe and are specially designed to hold bouquets securely so flowers remain fresh and vibrant during delivery. The bouquet stands in water within the bag, ensuring ultimate hydration.

Choose from three captivating options: Bright, Green and White, or Pastels. Each arrangement has been thoughtfully curated to suit various preferences. The Bright option bursts with an array of vivid hues, perfect if you’re looking for a lively and cheerful bouquet. For a touch of elegance, the Green and White arrangement blends natural foliage with pristine white flowers for a timeless and sophisticated display. Alternatively, the Pastels option features soft shades of pinks, purples and whites.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to brighten someone’s day, our bouquet in a bag is an ideal choice. With its elegant presentation and guaranteed freshness, this is a gift idea that won’t disappoint. Buy online or call us to place your order for delivery.

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