Disbuds In A Bag

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We are excited to bring to you our beautiful bags that we have sourced from europe. unique to the big bunch, our bags ensure your flowers will be standing in water, guaranteeing to keep them fresh upon arrival. this elegant presentation is sure to impress the most fastidious of recipients.



Our disbuds flowers in a bag is an exquisite floral arrangement presented in a stunning European-inspired bag, crafted to bring joy and beauty to any occasion.

Disbuds flowers, renowned for their enchanting beauty and longevity, take centre stage in this extraordinary floral creation. Their captivating colours and intricate petal formations make for a visually stunning composition.

At The Big Bunch, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest materials, and our specially curated bags are no exception. Designed to provide the ultimate care, our bags keep flowers hydrated and fresh throughout their journey to ensure they’re in pristine condition upon arrival.

Every aspect of our disbuds flower arrangement has been thoughtfully considered to impress even the most discerning of recipients. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other celebration, our disbuds flowers are sure to leave a lasting impression. Buy online today to arrange delivery in Melbourne!

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